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Eastern Part of Thailand

Eastern part of Thailand in our site consists of two provinces : Cholburi and Rayong.

CHOLBURI is not only a well-known seaside destination, it is also major agricultural and industry producer, with extensive sugar-cane, tapico and coconut plantations, shallow and deep water fishery, as well as manufacturing plants. There are many interesting places in Cholburi but the most popular city is Pattaya.

Ang Sira has been one of the oldest seaside vacation spots noted for its products in stone mortars and weaving.

Sam Muk Hill is situated mid-way between Ang Sira and the Bangsaen Beach. The Chao Mae Sam Muk Shrine a top the hill is widely revered by the local people.

Hat Bangsan is only 10 kilonetres from Chonburi on a right-turn at km. 104. Highly popular with local tourists, a part of the beach front area is set aside for venders of local foods and snacks. Canvas chair and inner tire tubes are available for rent, as well as shower room faculties.

Nong Mon is the central market one kiloneter further on from the entrance to Bangsaen. Here can be found all types of fresh and dried sea food, local sweets and fruits (both fresh and preserved) as well as fine rattan wares from nearby Amphoe Panat Ni khom.

Pattaya is Thailand·s premier beach resort and annually attracts hundreds of thousands of pleasure-seeking tourist from all over the world. Visitors can windsurf, water ski, swim, sunbath, snorkel, sail, or take trips to offshore coral islands by ferry, hydrofoil or hired boat. Pattaya offers some of Thailand·s choicest seafood in several specialty restaurants. Steak houses and fast-food outlets provide attractives alternatives and gourmets and gourmands alike find satisfaction in restaurants featuring French, Italian, Swiss, German, Hungarian, Scandinavian, English, Indian, Moslem, Japanese, Chinese and Thai Cuisines. From families to individual visitors, Pattaya offers something for everyone and all the ingredients for a truly memorable holiday.

RAYONG is located in the east coast of Thailand on the northern shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand, some 185 kilometres from Bangkok. There are many interesting places in Rayong as following :-

Mae Ramphung Beach The beach, some 10 kilometres long. This is a particularly beautiful beach with a headland forming a magnificent backdrop to a crescent shaped bay with broad sandy beaches which are ideal for swimming.

The Sopha Botanical Gardens These possess one of the greatest varietics of trees and plants in Thailand. In the Gardens, one aces also a Thai Sala and a group of three classical Thai houses, each of which is more than a hundred years old. The houses are completely furnished and have utensils traditionally used by the Thai people.

Ko Samet Group National Park In 1981 the area known as Khao Laem Yah and the island of Ko Samet was designated as a nature reserve. It is an area of great natural beauty which is enhanced by the tranquility of the surroundings.

Ko Kaew Phitsadan Well-known attractions include beautiful beaches with charming white sand, strange-shaped rocks, suitable relaxation, water skiing, exploring the coral reefs beneath the sea.

Suan Son Park It is 1 kilometre from Ban Phe and also known as the Casuarina (pine) gardens. These splendid trees line both verges of the road for a distance of 4 kilomctrcs. It is a popular picnic place with shady areas


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