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Southern Part of Thailand

Southern part in our site consists of four provinces : Krabi, Phang Nga, Phuket, and Suratthani.

KRABI: One of the most attractive tourist destinations in southern Thailand, KRABI is located approximately 800 kilometers from Bangkok with an area of 4,708 square kilometres. To the West it borders on the Andaman Sea where countless natural attractions abound including white sandy beaches, fascinating coral reefs, numerous large and small islands, verdant forest, and highly interesting archaeological remains. Krabi is affected by the northwest monsoon and has only two seasons. The hot season starts in January and ends in April. The rainy season begins in May and lasts till December. Average temperatures range between 16.9 to 37.3 degrees Celsius.

There are many interesting places in Krabi as following :-

Khao Khanap Nam 100 meters high hills rising from the water, is regarded as the symbol of Krabi. It sits before the city and can be visited by long tail boat from Chao Fa Pier. Travel time is about 15 minutes, From the boat, one climbs a staircase to see caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi-Phi National Park This marine national park covers the coastal area and other off-shore islands within the district territory of Amphoe Muang. With white, clean stretches ofbeach and scenic coral reefs.

Hat Noppharat Thara About 18 kilometres from Kribi town is a scenic beach lined with casuarina trees which extend for several kilometres. A rocky island, about one kilometre from the mainland, can be reached by foot at low tide.

Fossil Shell Beach Long ago this was a freshwater marsh populated by clams and other bi-valves, chiefly little two centimeters long "Hoi Khom" or pond snails, which grouped and multiplied in such numbers that the dead formed a floor for the living. This process, repeated over eons. led to the creation of layer of fossils about 40centimetres thick, called shelly limestone. Scientific tests have established that the age ofthese fossils is about 40millionyears.

Mu Ko Phi Phi or Phi-Phi Islands are located at an equal distance from both Krabi and Phuket, about 40 kilometres. Made up of six small and large isles, the main features are sheer limestone cliff and rock. Some offer beautifulbeach andcoral reefs. The best time for a visit isbetween November and April.

PHANG NGA. Phang Nga is a land of tin mines and beautiful scenery nestled among mountains which rise up around the town as if they were the town wall. The majority of the area is mountainous with very little basin area. There are many interesting places in Phang Nga as following :-

Sa Nang Manora Forest Park The park occupies an area of 180 rai and, in general, it is a pleasant forest having various kinds of plant and wood species. The outstanding characteristic of this park is the fall originating from a stream flowing along the hillside and cascading down to the big reservoir all year round.

Ao Phangnga National Park This marine park occupy an area of 250,000 rai and it was announced as the national park area on April 29, 1981. At the Customs Check Point Pier one can find boating services operated by private enterprises. Those who travel as a big group tour should use the boating service at the Customs Pier because suitable vessels are available there.

Ko Panyi Ko: Panyi is a small flat island of about one rai. There are about 120 households and the majority of the population earn their living from fishery, selling souvenirs and food to tourists.

Khao Phing Kan: The origin of this name is that a rocky hill is broken apart and the smaller piece slid down with the base sunk in the earth while the upper part still abuts on another posing the present leaning hills. Behind Khao Phing Kan the scenery is very picturesque and when looking afar to the sea "Khao Tapu" is seen amidst the sea. It looks like a nail.

Mu Ko Similan National Park This park occupies an area of 80,000 rai and was announced as the national park area on September 1, 1982. Similan, a small archipelago in the Andaman Sea comprises nine islands. It is appraised by the Skin-Diving Magazine of USA as one of the top ten islands having both surface and under water beautiful scenery.

PHUKET: "The emerald upon the elephant's trunk" is one way to describe Phuket with respect to the rest of Thailand. Phuket's climate, beaches, forests, mountains, resorts, and diverse forms of entertainment make this island one of the best places in the world to have a complete vacation. From pensive relaxation to high-Qying excitement, Phuket has it all and more. Phuket is 862 kms. from Bangkok. It is the only island habing provincial status, and was a regional headquarters as well, with a rich and colourful history. There are many interesting places in Phuket as following :-

Phuket Orchid Garden and Thai Village: In the village, there are cultural performances show the Thai way of life with folk dances, Thai boxing, the unique aspects of Phuket and the south, a handicarft centre, and orchid farm and the elepham show. It is open from 9.00-19.00 hrs.

Crocodile Farm: It lies just outside town, containing an aquarium, estuarine crocodiles and alligators.

Ko Kaeo Pitsadan: This island features beautiful sandy beaches and a shrine containing a replica of Buddha's Footprints.

Laem Phrom Thep: This cape is located 18 kms. from Phuket town, otherwise called by the local people, "Laem Chao" wherefrom best scenery of Phuket can be seen.

Ao Kata: This bay is located 18 kms.from the township area, divided into two bays, e.g., Kata Noi and Kata Yai having beautiful beaches suitable for swimming.

SURATTHANI: It is the largest and most important province of the South, located 644 kms. from Bangkok. It occupies an area of 12,891 square kilonetres bordering on Chumphon and the Gulf of Thailand to the north, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Krabi to the south, Phangnga and Ranong to the west, and the Gulf of Thaoland and Nokhon Si Thammarat to the east. Geographic characteristics of Suratthani are : High plateau and mountains covered with valuable woodforest to the west, and low basins in the central and eastern seashore area. There are many interesting places in Suratthani as following :-

Khao Sok National Park: It is located on Km.109 from Surat township. A verdant forest-covered hill national park, with an area of some 161,000 acres. Many kinds of rare wildlife are still be found. With an atmosphere of pleacefulness and restfulness, one can tred along the trails made to the adventurer.

Ko Samui Samui Island is a major copra producing source of the country. The island lies 80 kms offshore in the Gulf of Thailand from Surat Thani province, some 500 kms south of Bangkok. Samui has all the attributes of a south sea paradise: sunny, coconut palm- fringed beaches with bone white powdery sand meeting sparkling turquoise water and gentle sea in remote unpopulated areas. It is Surat Thani's major tourist attraction. The island has numerous lovely eaches and bays. It is almost literally an island of coconuts and forested hills, and is fast becoming a resort of international stature.

Mu Ko Angthong National Park: It comprises some 40 islands northwest of Ko Samui and covers some 250 square kilometres. Major park islands largely towering, verdant rock masses encircled by clear seas, include Mae Ko which has a beautiful beach and an enerald saltwater lake.


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